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Your home HVAC system provides temperature control at your fingertips, keeping your home a consistently comfortable zone. When you need HVAC services in Highland, CA, Year Round Heating and Air Conditioning brings thorough HVAC knowledge to help keep your heating and cooling system up to date, and more importantly up to code with today’s industry standards.

Are you searching for a reliable Highland HVAC company for your local HVAC repair or furnace repair? Our expert HVAC technicians at Year Round Heating and Air Conditioning continue to serve Southern California strong, bringing reliable HVAC services since 2016. Don’t hesitate to book with our friendly customer service team today, how can we help, today?

How Long Does an HVAC System Last?

Your home HVAC system once promised whole-home temperature control and efficiency. However, over the years, it may dwindle on its promises. Expected wear and additional exterior damage can cause your system to require an HVAC replacement. Frequently, an HVAC system may have met the end of its lifespan after 15 years. However, the most well-maintained models can last up to 30 years, providing a maximum return on your heating and cooling investment.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

In addition to extending your HVAC system’s lifespan, there are several benefits of HVAC maintenance. Undergoing professional maintenance satisfies the requirement of most HVAC warranties, which regularly call for all repairs or preventative services to be performed by a working HVAC expert. HVAC maintenance also helps to keep your system operating at its best, which in turn provides energy efficiency and savings on your monthly bills.

Highland HVAC Services

Our Highland HVAC services include both air conditioning and heating services. Our friendly HVAC technicians exemplify professionalism, precision, and preparedness. We show up on time and are ready with any tool necessary to complete your HVAC project correctly and efficiently. This dedication to detail during each project provides our customers with peace of mind that their home heating and cooling system is being properly cared for and restored.

Air Conditioning Services in Highland

Our air conditioning services in Highland include HVAC repair, HVAC system installation, and AC tune-up tasks. Air conditioning maintenance is best scheduled in the late winter or early spring to provide ample time for air conditioning inspections, AC cleanings, and air conditioner repairs before summer starts, and you need to use your AC system regularly. 

HVAC Repair

When your heating and cooling system stops providing your intended temperature or producing proper airflow, it’s time for an HVAC repair service. It’s common for belts to break, coils to become clogged, and your reversing valve to get stuck in between cooling and heating modes. Our trained technicians will help complete your HVAC repair services efficiently. Your HVAC repair timeline will depend on the extent of your HVAC repair and its overall complexity.

HVAC System Installation

Our services for HVAC system installation include both new and replacement units. We can help you choose the correct size HVAC system for your home to ensure it cycles properly and adequately cools or heats your home. If you are undergoing an HVAC replacement, we will safely disconnect and remove your existing unit and inspect your ductwork to determine if it also needs repairs or to be replaced before your new HVAC system installation. 

AC Tune-Up

Our annual AC tune-up services in Highland supplement your seasonal air conditioner maintenance. While maintenance services focus mostly on air filter changes, annual AC tune-up services inspect your system more thoroughly for broken parts and inefficiencies. Your annual AC tune-up also provides the ideal time to test your home’s indoor air quality. We offer air filtration and purification systems to help improve your indoor air quality score.

Heating Services in Highland

Our heating services in Highland include furnace repair, furnace replacement, and furnace tune-up tasks. It’s best to call our professionals at the first sign of a furnace issue because even small issues can quickly become major repairs or cause an early furnace replacement. Our furnace repair and preventive maintenance initiatives will keep your furnace strong, so it withstands or extends its lifespan instead of shortening it.

Furnace Repair

Furnace repair services work to mend broken or inefficient furnace parts, so your system operates strong as a whole. When you undergo furnace repair requirements right away, you eliminate the need for further extensive repairs or early replacements. You also help your furnace run at its best, so it doesn’t struggle to heat your home and run up expenses.

Furnace Replacement

Furnace replacement services are typically necessary anywhere from 15 to 30 years after its initial installation. We can help you determine if your furnace is at the end of its lifespan and needs a furnace replacement or if it can still benefit from repairs. Frequent use and neglected maintenance are two examples of causes for an early furnace replacement. We will help you safely disable any wiring and remove your existing furnace safely before replacing it.

Furnace Tune-Up

Our furnace tune-up services in Highland help to clean the soot out of your furnace and ensure it is contributing healthy air into your home. During a furnace tune-up, we will assess your furnace’s heating and efficiency. Our trained technicians will suggest ways to improve your furnace’s functions and upkeep to help you lower your monthly heating costs. 

Year Round Heating and Air Conditioning are the Trusted Highland HVAC Company

Year Round Heating and Air Conditioning have been serving the Highland, CA community with reliable home heating and cooling services since 2016. While our company may be generally new to the home improvement field, our quickly expanding customer base and high satisfaction point to our success as an emerging company, and we’re soon to take over the HVAC industry.

Are you looking for a dependable Highland HVAC company for your local AC repair or furnace repair? Year Round Heating and Air Conditioning have hard-working and expertly trained HVAC technicians who you can trust to get your home improvements done right. Don’t hesitate to book now with our friendly customer service team, we’d love to hear from you.

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