Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC Repair in Redlands, California

Summer in Redlands, CA, is hot, humid, and long. Effective air conditioning is a necessity to live comfortably through the summer months. 

When your AC fails, you need a professional contractor from a 24-hour emergency AC service to arrive quickly and fix your AC fast. Year Round Heating & Air is your superior nearby air conditioning service in Redlands, CA.

Signs You Need 24-Hour Emergency AC Service 

AC breakdowns or failures can occur at any time of the day or night, and when they do, you need a reliable 24-hour emergency AC service at your disposal. An AC system that isn’t working needs an emergency repair, but there are other indicators that you need an emergency AC repair:

No Air Flow

If your AC is switched on, but there is no airflow, or there is limited airflow, it could be either a blower complication or a poorly calibrated thermostat. Either way, you need to call your nearby air conditioning service to diagnose the airflow problem correctly and get your AC up and running. 

Strange Noises

Air conditioners can make strange noises, which indicates problems. Noises such as grinding, squealing, or buzzing are a sign of trouble. 

These unusual sounds can be anything from loose parts to a compressor failure. Any unusual sound that your AC makes needs to be immediately checked out by a professional contractor. Switch the system off and schedule an emergency repair.

Strange Smells

While your AC shouldn’t smell, it can absorb the smell of cooking food or cigarette smoke, which can be cleaned out of the coils by an AC technician. However, other smells point to more serious problems.

A buildup of bacteria or mold generally causes a musty smell in the overflow drain, which is then blown out through the vents. If the mold isn’t cleaned out, it can cause health issues. 

A burning or smoky smell tells you that one of the components in the AC has overheated and is burning. Switch the AC off immediately and call a professional contractor. Failure to switch off the AC can lead to a fire or a major AC breakdown.

A sulfuric or gassy smell is the most serious and will require immediate action. A gassy smell emanating from your AC indicates a nearby gas leak that is being blown into your house. 

A gas leak can cause serious health problems with the potential to cause fatalities through an explosion or inhalation. At the first sign of a gassy smell, turn the AC off, open all of the windows, leave the house, and call for a 24-hour emergency AC service repair.

Cycling On and Off

There are a few reasons why an AC will cycle on and off, and each one requires an emergency repair. In the peak of summer in Redlands, CA, it is normal that your AC will cycle more regularly as it works to keep the temperature stable. 

But when you AC continually short cycles, it can indicate electrical problems or overheating issues caused by dirty coils, low refrigerant, a faulty compressor, or loose electrical connections. 


A professional contractor must check any leakage around the AC unit. If you catch an AC leak inside or outside your home early enough, you can prevent potential water damage. 

High Humidity Levels

When your AC is functioning well, your home will have low humidity. This is because the evaporator coils in the AC are designed to dehumidify and cool. When the evaporator coils freeze, they cannot cool and dehumidify your home. 

A range of issues can go wrong with your AC in the hot summer months, but Year Round Heating & Air are the experts in emergency AC repairs in Redlands, CA. 

We strive to fix your AC breakdown immediately, and we carry parts for all major AC brands. Don’t put off your AC repair. You don’t need to suffer from a failing AC — call us for an urgent repair.

Finding a Professional Contractor in Redlands, CA

How do you find a professional contractor you can trust when your AC breaks down, and you need a 24-hour emergency AC service?

You may be in a hurry, but before you pick up the phone and call the first service you see, spend a few minutes doing some research. A high-quality AC service should offer the following:

  • Transparent pricing 
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • A 24-hour emergency AC service
  • Up to date licensing and insurance
  • Good reviews
  • Be a local company
  • Stand by their workmanship

Don’t risk calling someone who will not stand by their work or offer you a guarantee of satisfaction. A professional contractor is worth finding and keeping. 

Should I Repair or Replace my AC?

It can be difficult to decide whether you should repair a faulty AC or replace it. While it is always advisable to have a newer AC system repaired, there are situations where it is better to replace an AC rather than to continue repairing it:

  • When it’s older than ten years
  • If it is having multiple breakdowns a year
  • When the price of a repair is half the price of a replacement AC
  • If it uses Freon as the refrigerant
  • When you want to upgrade to smart AC
  • When it is the incorrect size for the property

Year Round Heating & Air is your nearby air conditioning service specializing in AC repairs and AC replacements. Call us today for your quality AC replacement.

Year Round Heating & Air — Your Nearby Air Conditioning Service 

There’s never a good time for your AC to break down, but you are in good hands with Year Round Heating & Air. Our 24-hour emergency AC service will have your AC up and running before you know it, which is vital in the sweltering summer heat in Redlands, CA. 

We strive to keep Southern Californians cool and comfortable, and we are so confident in our workmanship that we offer 100% customer satisfaction. When it comes to your AC needs, there’s no one more qualified than Year Round Heating & Air. 

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