Mini-Split AC Installation

Mini-Split AC Installation in Redlands, California

Mini-split ACs have been around for years, but they continue to grow in popularity. These AC systems are ductless and slim-line, making them ideal for hard-to-cool spaces.

But there are just so many other benefits to a mini-split installation that you won’t be able to resist adding a few to your home.

Year Round Heating & Air will provide you with a fast and professional mini-split installation to help keep you cool in the Redlands, CA, heat.

What Is a Mini Split AC?

The simplest way to describe mini splits is as a ductless system of heating and cooling with controls in separate spaces or rooms. Unlike a traditional HVAC system that controls an entire home, the mini splits are placed in separate rooms or spaces and are controlled individually.

There are two main components to a mini-split — the condenser unit, which is outside, and the evaporator, which is inside. The air is funneled into the house through pipework rather than ducts.

Mini-split ACs are installed by a professional technician using a three-inch hole in a wall for the conduit. The conduit contains cables, copper tubing, and the condensation drain line. The indoor and outdoor units are linked by the conduit.

Why Choose a Mini Split AC?

Mini-split AC installation is a great choice for spaces in Redlands, CA, where ducting is not possible, or for added-on spaces. Their versatility makes them perfect for homes, offices, or even workshops. In fact, they can be installed just about anywhere. Other benefits of installing mini splits cannot go unmentioned:


A regularly maintained mini-split will last up to 12-15 years, and they provide a high level of air quality and temperature regulation.

Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits are extremely energy efficient. As each unit is controlled individually, you only need to run the mini-split in the room or space you are currently using. Each room’s temperature can be controlled separately. Cooling costs can be cut by up to 30% compared to central cooling systems.

As mini split AC systems have no ducts, there is no loss of cooled air in the ductwork. Leaky ductwork can significantly raise power bills, but that’s not an issue with mini splits because the air is transferred into the house via the pipes.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Mini-splits have a filter fitted inside the door unit of the evaporator, which is the indoor component of the system. As the air is transferred into the room, it goes through the filtering system without mixing with air from other areas in the building.

Because there are no ducts, there is no added contamination of pollens, dust, dirt, or pests that move through the ductwork of central air conditioners — just clean, filtered air in each room the mini-split is installed in.

Flexible and Fast Installation

One of the benefits of a mini-split AC installation is the ease with which a professional technician can perform it.

Standard central air system installations are labor-intensive and costly. Not only does the unit itself need to be installed, but the ductwork is time-consuming. While not all installations are the same, a mini-split AC can be installed in as little as three to six hours by a professional technician in Redlands, CA.

Because of their size and lack of ducts, mini-splits can be installed in a wide variety of places. They are ideal for tiny homes, vans, additions to the home, garages, kitchens, or workshops.

Mini-splits can also be added to a room or space that already has central air but needs some extra help to keep it cool. To learn more, speak to a professional technician at Year Round Heating & Air about your space that needs cooling.

Less Noise

There’s no doubt that central air conditioning can be noisy, so you have to be mindful of where the motor is placed outside the home. But that’s not a problem with mini-splits. Each unit only needs to work to cool one room or space, not a whole house, so there is significantly less noise.


Mini-splits come in a range of sizes and can be installed on the wall, the floor, or even on the ceiling. They are slim and unobtrusive, so they can easily blend in with a room.

Your professional technician from Year Round Heating & Air will provide you with the perfect sized mini-split system for the space you need to be cooled and deliver a flawless installation.

Home Security

Mini-splits are mounted via a three-inch hole in the wall. In contrast, window AC units can be dislodged and provide a large enough space for an intruder to enter. Window units can also be stolen. Mini-splits offer greater security and peace of mind that an intruder will not be able to enter your property through the place they are installed.

Heating & Cooling

Mini-splits have the added bonus of providing superior heating and cooling. This means they can be used all year without any changeover or transition work. You simply adjust the temperature control to the appropriate setting and choose your temperature.

As they are controlled by remote control for each unit, you can select the temperature you want in each room. Mini-splits can also be put on a timer so that they turn themselves off at a time you select.

Smart AC

You can choose a smart mini split AC that allows you to control your system using an app on your smartphone from anywhere you have WiFi connectivity.

There are simply too many benefits to mini-split AC installations to keep putting it off. A mini-split installation will efficiently keep you comfortable all year round.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Year Round Heating & Air provides high-quality mini split AC installations in Redlands, CA, and we also provide superior air conditioning replacement. If your AC has reached its limit and is no longer functioning as it should, or if it’s starting to age and is in need of an update, call us today.

We will remove your old AC and give you an air conditioning replacement to keep you cool in the grueling Redlands, CA, summers.

Don’t put off your air conditioning replacement. It’s simply too risky to go into summer with an AC system that won’t be able to provide you with a cool and comfortable home or office.

Mini Split AC Installation in Redlands, CA

Year Round Heating & Air has been keeping Southern Californians comfortable since 2016. Our passion is to provide you with exemplary heating and cooling solutions, teamed with outstanding customer service.

Call us today for your mini split AC installation or replacement. You will be delighted to discover how a mini split can help keep your space perfectly cooled.

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