AC Tune-Up

AC Tune-Up in Redlands, California

Your air conditioner has an important job: keeping you and your family comfortable indoors. Especially, here in the Inland Empire of Southern California the summer heat can be unbearable.

When an air conditioner breaks down, it can be as expensive, frustrating and a risk to the sick and elderly. Keeping your air conditioning unit maintained is very important to avoid expensive repairs and dangerous heat that can harm your family and/or pets.

Are you looking for a way to improve your AC’s performance? Maybe you’ve suffered from AC breakdowns in the past and want to avoid another costly incident. Or perhaps you’re a new homeowner looking at how to keep on top of your HVAC system. 

Whatever your reason, AC tune-ups are a great way to improve your unit’s health and functionality. 

Read on to learn more about the AC tune-up process and why you should consider booking an appointment today.

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What Is an AC Tune-Up?

All machines need proper attention to continue working at maximum efficiency. 

For example, you visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and inspected for growth problems. Similarly, you probably take care of your car with routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. 

An AC tune-up follows this same logic. It’s important to check in with your AC system to see what parts are suffering from wear and tear. Additionally, performing regular cleanings will ensure your system is functioning as well as it should.

Why Are Tune-Ups Important? 

AC tune-ups are important for multiple reasons, the most obvious of which is that performing regular maintenance drastically lowers the chances of suffering an unexpected AC breakdown. 

But there are more benefits to scheduling routine AC tune-ups. They can save you money, make your home more energy efficient, and improve your indoor air quality. 

Prevent a Breakdown

Regular AC tune-ups can help prevent a breakdown. More than that, they can also help your system last longer. 

Think about it: Those who take good care of their bodies throughout their lives have a better chance of living longer. The same is true for your AC system. The better you take care of your system, the longer it will stay healthy and work properly for you and your home. 

Save Money 

With your AC working at its best, you’ll likely wind up saving money. First and foremost, you’ll save by avoiding the extra costs associated with an unexpected AC breakdown. You’ll also save on expensive repair parts, which generally cost more than preventive measures like tune-ups. 

Furthermore, you’ll save yourself some stress by avoiding an AC breakdown during the height of summer. 

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 

There’s no denying that when your AC system is clean, healthy, and properly working, it functions at a higher level than when you ignore your AC system’s health. 

When you properly care for your AC unit, it can produce cooler temperatures with less money. 

The noticeable and welcome side effect of this is that you’ll enjoy lower utility bills. But you can also rest easy knowing that you’re doing the planet a service by taking up fewer resources and energy. 

Improve Air Quality 

Do you or someone you love have asthma or other respiratory issues? Scheduling regular AC tune-ups may help. 

An professional AC unit inspection includes a thorough cleaning, new filters, and more. All of this is vital to a working air conditioner unit, and by the end of its tune-up, your unit will be able to better clean dust and pollen particles from the air. 

As a result, you’ll breathe easier in your home with fresher, cleaner air. Call your nearby professional today! 

Signs You Need a Tune-Up

Maybe it’s been a few years since your last inspection. If so, it might be evident that it’s time to call a local professional to inspect, clean, and schedule maintenance on your AC system.

But there are other signs that let homeowners in Redlands, CA, know it’s time to book an appointment. If you experience any of these, it may be time to call in the professionals:

  • Clunky or loud noises coming from your AC system
  • A strange odor coming from your AC system
  • A sudden spike in your utility bills 
  • An AC that isn’t working as well as it used to 

Another sign that it’s time for a tune-up and air conditioning service is the end of winter. Make sure your AC unit is up to snuff and can handle those hot summer temperatures in California. Call your nearby professional to check on your heating and cooling system before the heat returns. 

Professionals vs. DIY 

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to become an “expert” in just about anything. With the simple click of a mouse, homeowners can access a world of information about DIY air conditioning service and other home projects. 

But just because you can try and fix it yourself doesn’t mean you should. 

AC units are complicated systems. Each machine contains a series of internal mechanisms, liquids, gases, and electricity. The wrong move by an inexperienced hand can lead to severe, even dangerous, consequences like a noxious gas leak or a fire that ignites from an unknown spark. 

Even at the least dangerous end of the spectrum, tinkering around with your AC unit isn’t the best idea. Most HVAC systems have a stipulation that the warranty becomes invalid if homeowners mess around with the system. 

Not only that, but you also risk causing more damage to the equipment if you don’t have a firm grasp of what you’re doing. 

For all of these reasons, it’s best to call a nearby professional to take care of your AC tune-ups. 

How Do You Tune-Up My System?

Our professionally trained HVAC technicians will perform the following tests, inspections as well as best practices to keep your system operating healthily and efficiently. When it comes to your home, Year Round doesn’t mess around. We’ll treat your next service with the utmost respect for your property as well as friendly, timely service from your neighbor technician.


  • Temperature
  • All safety controls for proper operation
  • All motor bearings
  • Operation and condition of compressor
  • Compressor at start up


  • Coolant levels & pressure
  • Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitor & relays
  • Inspect and tighten all wire connections
  • Evaporator coil
  • Outdoor disconnect
  • Condenser fan motor & blades


  • Condensate drain
  • Condenser


  • Check Temperature difference between return and supply air
  • Check & Adjust thermostat

Call Year Round, Your Professional Technicians

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Why are we so good? To start, we’re a proud Rheem Pro Partner, meaning that all of our technicians are highly trained and possess an exceptional skill set level. 

We also stand behind all our work. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a ten-year warranty on all parts and work, you can rest assured knowing that when we fix your AC unit, it will stay fixed. 

Don’t be another Redlands, CA, homeowner to suffer an AC breakdown in the middle of the summer. Book a preventive maintenance appointment instead, and enjoy cool temperatures all year round. 

We’re excited to serve you. Call us today to book your appointment! 

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