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Furnace Repair in Redlands, California

We understand how frustrating it can be when your furnace won’t work. This usually happens on the coldest day of the year when you need your furnace most. While this seems like an unfortunate coincidence, it has a logical explanation. Since your furnace works harder to maintain the temperature, it undergoes more wear and tear, increasing the chance of a sudden breakdown. This is especially true if your furnace is over 10 years old.

If you are wondering how you can get your furnace back up and running soon, we have the solution for you! Year Round Heating & Air has a team of technicians that are ready for your call! We know how essential your furnace is to the comfort of your family. It can be a burden when your furnace keeps running your utility bills sky-high or fails to heat your home evenly. Don’t be left without a furnace for an extended period. Count on us to provide reliable furnace repairs.

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Dependable Furnace Repair

We offer 24-hour emergency repair services for when you need us most. We understand that a broken furnace can’t wait until Monday morning when you and your family are freezing away at home. Our technicians will come to your home as soon as possible to put an end to your furnace nightmares. 

Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs 

Not all furnace problems are emergencies or easy to notice. Some faults can be easy to miss if you aren’t taking notice. That is why it is important to check up on your furnace regularly to see if you can spot any of these signs. 

Faulty Thermostat

One of the most common issues experienced is a faulty thermostat. While this may be a minor problem, it can cause major discomfort when your home won’t heat up enough. This can also lead to increased utility bills as your furnace keeps working even though the desired temperature is not reached. Before calling for furnace repairs, you can try to change the fan setting to AUTO. If this still doesn’t work, we will come to your home promptly and put an end to your faulty thermostat.

Clogged Filters

This is a common problem that is often overlooked. Dirt may not be seen as a major threat, but it can cascade into severe problems that will cost a fortune to repair. If it is neglected for an extended period, it could even lead to a premature replacement. A dirty furnace is a leading cause of an increase in energy usage. It also causes more wear and tear. By changing your air filters regularly, you can prevent most of these terrible issues. Annual tune-ups will also prevent a build-up of dirt. 

Flickering Pilot Light

If you have a gas-powered furnace, you have a pilot light. This is an important part of your furnace, and it should be a steady blue flame. If it is yellow and flickering, it could mean that there is excess carbon monoxide in the air or another issue. This is one of those serious problems that should be handled with urgency. If you have a flickering pilot light, contact Year Round Heating & Air as soon as possible. We advise that you do not use your furnace until this issue is fixed.

Not Blowing Warm Air

It can be a major inconvenience when your furnace won’t blow hot air or any air at all. There are a few reasons for this. The most common reason would be a blocked vent or blower. You can check on each vent and remove anything that may be causing the blockage. However, if this does not work, or you can see anything causing the blockage, call on us! We will check your whole heating system to find the cause of the problem.

Odd Noises

Do you hear a strange rattling noise in or near your furnace? If you do, it could be that your furnace has loose parts or there could be something wrong with your ductwork. It is important to cease all use of your furnace until an HVAC technician can come out to your home and provide a solution. Your safety is our number one concern!

Redlands Furnace Tune-Ups

You can prevent most of these tedious issues by taking care of your furnace with annual tune-ups. During a tune-up, our technicians will inspect your furnace and the space around it to ensure proper ventilation. We will also test all the components to ensure that they are in working order. In addition to the inspection, we will clean your system to alleviate the build-up of dirt that causes most of the problems we mentioned above. It is best to schedule this service just before winter sets in so that your furnace can be ready to tackle those frigid days ahead. Trust Year Round Heating & Air to keep your furnace in pristine condition so it can take care of you.

Reliable Furnace Replacement

At times, repairs may not be enough o offer a permanent solution. If your furnace is over 10 years old, it is possible that you need a replacement. If your furnace repairs are costing you more than you want to admit, you can opt for a new furnace installation. Our technicians will ensure that you get a furnace that will suit all your needs. We can offer a wide range of high-quality furnaces. As a Rheem PRO Partner, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Get the Best Redlands Furnace Repairs

Furnace repairs can be complex, especially if you are not a trained professional. Don’t worry about navigating the confusing system inside your furnace. Leave it to the friendly HVAC technicians at Year Round Heating & Air to handle it. Our team of experts is good at what they do and always respects your home. You can trust us to offer effective and efficient furnace repairs.

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